Get ready to blow a 'roid!

HAMILTON: I’m nearly ready to finesse in the second leg. I’ll be interested to see how you deal with that.

MINGO: I’m about to move onto Phase two. You know I prefer a strong end-game.

HAMILTON: It’s much better like this, isn’t it, Mingo?

MINGO: I think there’ll be some terrific smiting by the end of the week, Hamilton.

HAMILTON: And now if you’ll excuse me, I must post this Bible in the internal mail.

MINGO: You will not win the uber game. Remember that! I am the keeper of the raven...

About the Script


It's not always pretty behind the scenes of the nation's most popular variety program. There's neurosis, paranoia, psychosis, bi-polar disorder and megalomania - and that's just the producer. When the editors decide to come out of their booth and manipulate real life it's a tougher week than usual on the set of The Variety Hour.


24-minute pilot episode.

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