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Arthur Murray and Simon Luckhurst, Narrabri 2004. This photo was taken by Ted Rayment after the shooting of the Messagestick episode which looked at the life of Leila Murray.

This photo was taken during the 1981 inquest into Eddie Murray's death. People pictured include Bertha Murray (extreme left), Isabel Flick (with flag pinned to dress), Helen Wenner nee Murray (in front of Isabel), Arthur Murray (next to Helen), Nancy Peters nee Murray (in front of Arthur) Leila Murray (directly behind Helen) and Cheryl Gordon (directly behind Leila.)

I took this photo of Arthur, Leila and Joyce Nolan (Leila's half-sister, the daughter of Lillie Beale and Charlie Clarke) after Arthur and I had returned from Brewarrina on a field trip. We drove from Tamworth to Dubbo, and returned the same day. Sadly, it was the only one of these trips that Leila was able to accompany us on.

I don't know who took this picture, possibly at the launch of the Watch Committee in Sydney Town Hall in April 1987. It shows, from left to right, Unknown, Helen Boyle, Len Culbong and Arthur Murray.

Arthur and Leila before Eddie's death.

This picture is from the Wee Waa Echo, 30 October 1972. It's poor quality, but it's possible to get some idea of living conditions on the riverbank camps from it.

This picture was painted by Karen Murray. It comes from the back cover of the "Honouring Leila Murray – Heart of Justice" booklet by Dr Roderic Pitty and Ruth Braunstein.

A great picture by Ruth Braunstein of Arthur Murray during a street march. Ruth was involved with CDBR and the Watch Committee, and took many photos of those who participated, and became especially close to the Murray family. Some of her pictures, and her thoughts on documenting the movement protesting Aboriginal deaths in custody, are recorded in her chapter "I feel its important that the work continues: a personal review of photographic work produced in alliance with an Aboriginal organisation, 1985-1988" which appears in the book "Racism, representation & photography," compiled by Andrew Dewdney and edited by Sandra Phillips, Inner City Education Centre, Sydney, 1994.

Another of Ruth's photos. Leila Murray is at the extreme right of the banner.

Arthur Murray in Collarenebri, 2001. The site is the Old Camp in Collie, where Aboriginal people lived in roughly built tin-sided houses until moved to over the river after flooding in the 1960s. It's still possible to see the remains of houses on the Old Camp and Arthur is holding the rusted steel shell of a kerosene tin which had been turned into a cooking stove. Holes were punched in the lower part of the drum allow air to enter, so that a fire could be lit inside. A grill, often made from old chicken wire, was placed on top. There were no inside kitchens or bathrooms on the old Collie reserve.

Eddie Murray in Wee Waa, c 1980

Arthur and Leila at a meeting, probably around 1988. Photo by Ruth Braunstein.

Arthur and Leila protesting, another of Ruth's photos taken around 1988.

Arthur Murray and Simon Luckhurst at the launch of "Eddie's Country", 25 May 2006, Sydney, Australia. (Note, Elizabeth Surbey is probably not attempting to strike the author...). Photo by Adam Luckhurst.

District Court Judge Kevin Coorey and Tony Barry, actor. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Simon Luckhurst and Lee Rhiannon. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Arthur Murray and Kevin Coorey. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Two of Eddie Murray's sisters and one brother: Helen Wenner, Rodney Murray and Debbie Murray. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Ray Waterson, formerly of the Newcastle Legal Centre and Arthur Murray. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Tony Barry. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Arthur Murray. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Unknown, Arthur Murray, Kevin Coorey, Tony Barry and Helen Wenner. Photo by Lola Forrester.

Simon Luckhurst and Aunty Barbara Nicholson at the Wollongong launch of "Eddie's Country" at the Wollongong City Art Gallery, 28 July 2006. Photo by Vivian Vidulich.

Simon Luckhurst and Ali Smith at the Wollongong launch of "Eddie's Country" at the Wollongong City Art Gallery, 28 July 2006. Photo by Vivian Vidulich.

Adrian Russell Wills (director) and Steven Sewell (screenwriter) at Tulladunna Reserve, Wee Waa July 2015.

John Murray, Helen Wenner and Lorraine Murray at Tulladunna Reserve, Wee Waa July 2015.