Simon Luckhurst, Keean Murrell Snape and Mike Witts

You used to be really big...

Biff: What brings you here?

Freddie: Things got too hard, you know...

Biff: Things got too hard everywhere. That's why we've all ended up in little shit-hole bars in the arse ends of Buttuglyvilles everywhere. What's your bag, Freddie? You a Tweeter or a Facebooker? You like Instagram or Snapchat?

About the Film


A celebrity on the comeback trail who will stop at nothing.


Biff: Himself

Freddie: Mike Witts

Barmaid: Genevieve Davis

DI Galloway: Ann Burbrook

Puppeteer: Simon Luckhurst

Child 1: Charlie Cowlin-Luckhurst

Child 2: Zuri Davis-Jackson

Extras: Jesse-Laila Al-Achkar, Maya Davis Jackson and Adam Sarbutt

Special thanks to Genevieve Turner, Sean Kendall, Michelle Sultana, Jenn Petersen, Ros Lloyd, Glenn Sibley, Ron Davis, Julie Davis, Steve Davis, Courtnay Davis, Michael Organ, Steve Dupont, Ava Dupont, Anousha Zarkesh, Kayne Tremmils, Saskia Hempele, Honey Field, Daisy Field, Finn McLaren, Matt Steffen, Hugh Churchward, Kellie Ellington and Alison Kirk.

Biff modifications: Imogen Ross

Camera assistant and sound: Nathan Chapman

Camera, editing and end title sequence: Keean Murrell Snape

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst

Notes on the Film

In a time of the resurgent right wing, I wanted to comment via veiled references to Sunset Boulevarde (it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

I'd also met Jamie Dunn and the puppet, Agro, some time before. Initially I couldn't remember who Agro was. I knew I should know him, but couldn't remember where from. It's one thing for a former celebrity to be forgotten, but when you're a puppet it must be doubly frustrating. There just aren't that many puppets. (The shortage of actual puppets in the celebrity realm will surely be the subject of another film some time in the future...)

We shot in the back streets of Austinmer and the Heritage Hotel, Bulli, the Illawarra's landmark music venue. It's an awesome place and so definitely not a little shit-hole bar in the arse end of Buttuglyvilles everywhere that we reinforced this in the credits.

It was great to be back on set with Keean, Genevieve and Annie. Imogen Ross took painstaking hours to transform a young, handsome Biff into a significantly seeder personality. This was precision work requiring diligent, tenacious and delicate applications of a blowtorch. Mike was a great discovery of a lead actor made an alarmingly short amount of time before we had to start shooting. Nathan is a legend.

Keean, Nathan and Relativity Studio's other staff provided their usual professionalism. Have I mentioned just how awesome they are and that you should work with them yourself one day?

Watch the Movie

Biff from Relativity on Vimeo.


Note: Apparently due to the resurgence in his career, Biff refused photography permissions...

Hugh Churchward

Genevieve Turner

David Field

Alison Kirk

Genevieve Davis

Michelle Sultana

Honey and Daisy Field

Zuri Davis Jackson

Adam Sarbutt

Ann Burbrook

Charlie Cowlin-Luckhurst

Steve and Ava Dupont. Australian Gothic?