On location in Port Kembla, NSW

Who will you become?

NATHAN : I'll get us some cash.

JEZZA: Ya got nothing left to hock, Nate. You gonna try coldbiting again?

NATHAN: I'll think of something.

JEZZA: Ya gonna roll someone, Nathan? Are ya?

NATHAN: Meet me at the Post Office at three.

JEZZA: Yeah.

NATHAN: Three o'clock, OK?

About the Film


Nathan meets Jezza, but can he lead her to a better life before she leads him to a worse one?


Facilitated by Wollongong City Employment and Training with funding coming from that organisation and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations and BlueScope Steel

Cast: Sally Palmer, Sean McInnes, Samuel J. Craig, Hester Gascoigne, Scott Nagy, Chris O'Neill, Naomi Jacobs and Kim Schreiber

Camera Operator: Len Glasser

Editor: Michael Sarain

Writer, producer and director: Simon Luckhurst


24 minutes


Approximately $16,000. Mission Australia, Kennard’s Hire, NSW Police (Media Unit), Sony Australia, Napoleon Academy of Makeup (Sydney), Harrigan Ford, Port Kembla Foreshore Park and Wollongong City Council make in-kind contributions.


Music for the film was provided by the Chucky Munroes, A Slow Rip and Julia Clark.

Notes on the Film

I had been researching another project, which had brought me into close contact with many people some of whom were homeless, or substance abusing, or both. As happens, ideas were filed away for the future.

The script that eventually emerged from meeting these people was originally called 'Dark Time', but I felt it was a bit, too, well, dark.

Lifelike was possibly the most developed film I had made at that time. Many of the participants of the Work for the Dole project were highly film literate. Each reading of the script produced more questions from them which meant I had to find more answers. It was a great process and the final draft of the screenplay owes much to the interest of the project's participants.

It wasn't only dialogue, structure and characterisation which were analysed. With increasing numbers of people using the drug methamphetamine, or ice, we found a suitable focal point for our fictional group of homeless people to revolve around.

We shot over four-and-a-half days in locations around Wollongong and edited at WCET. It says something about the interest the film generated that the first scene we shot (which is also the first scene of the movie) had more than sixty people involved in front and behind the cameras.

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Naomi Jacobs, Chris O'Neill, Scott Nagy and Sean McInnes

Chris O'Neill and Constable Megan Ainsworth of NSW Police

Sally Palmer and Hester Gascoigne

Naomi Jacobs, Scott Nagy, Sean McInnes and Sally Palmer

Sean McInnes

Sally Palmer and Sean McInnes

Sean McInnes

Sally Palmer and Naomi Jacobs

Kim Schreiber, Baily Cheesewright, Scott Nagy, Hester Gascoigne, Sally Palmer and Sean McInnes

Sean McInnes and Sally Palmer

Samuel J. Craig and Sean McInnes

Sean McInnes

Sally Palmer and Sean McInnes

Ashleigh Jago, Sally Palmer and Sean McInnes

Samuel J. Craig

Damo's knees special effects by Sathya de Leeuw and Mehtap Oncu from Napoleon Academy of Makeup

Sally Palmer, Chris O'Neill and Scott Nagy

Chris O'Neill