'I've been on the phone all day...'

Beth is, as usual, on the phone

BETH: Every /*time it rings my blood pressure goes up another ten notches.

(She listens to the phone)

No, I don't know if changing the ring tone is really going to help.

About the Film


Beth is the archetypal young business-woman, working fifteen conversations on her phone simultaneously, each day more full of pressure than the one before. Something has to give.


Cast: Samantha Coles

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst

Filmed and edited by Keean Murrell Snape

Production company: Left of Centaur Productions


About $300 in actual cash, but loads of in-kind support, as usual, coming from Relativity Films.


Music for Recharge came from the album For the Time Being by A Slow Rip. We used two tracks, Hollow Bowl and Water For The Time Being. A Slow Rip are great combo of musicians who have recorded a number of CDs.

This is what the For The Time Being album cover looks like.


Screened at Short Sited 13 Film Festival.

Screened at Vesak 2010 International Film Festival, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Notes on the Film

I heard a line at a party, and knew it would work for a film, if only I could work out the few hundred other lines which would precede it. Sam was great, Sean was great, Keean was great, (although his desire to push the boundaries of intentional out-of-focus film-making still cause me some concern) and the crew was great.

Keean ended up cutting the line that inspired the movie... (see below.)

For movie trivia buffs, we shot the scenes of Sam at her 'home' in Gabrielle Hammond's house (Gabrielle of course had a lead role in my film Christmas Bonus).

Special thanks go to Anthony at Network Communications in Wollongong. We shot an additional scene there, and I later bought a phone from Anthony, and it worked well, so he has my endorsement. The actor in this scene was Sean McInnes. It was a good scene, but Keean then cut it out of the final edit. Did you read that bit, Sean? Keean cut you out. Not me. I'm only the writer/ director. Sean performed to his usual standard, which is very high. It would be on the Deleted Scenes section of the DVD if there was a DVD...

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Samantha Coles

Samantha Coles

Samantha Coles

Samantha Coles