'I shoot and I vote. And usually in that order...'

JOHNNY: So this is sunny Reedy Creek.

MAGGIE: Population: three young people less than last week. And they still sell them the ammunition. Now, a few questions. Do you prefer the theatre or football?

JOHNNY: I’ve never heard of either.

MAGGIE: Plans for the future?

JOHNNY: I thought having one would be a good idea. Not sure about the colour though.

MAGGIE: I think you’re going to fit in quite well here.

JOHNNY: Do you think so?

MAGGIE: Yes, it’s going to be great for the locals to have someone to focus their hostility and aggression on.

About the Script


When Johnny Mulholland is fired by the press baron he works for in the city he decides to buy the last remaining independently owned newspaper in the country, the definitively small town 'Reedy Creek Gazette'. His subsequent attempts to tame Cassie, the editor of the paper, and regional Australia in general, are equally futile...


26-minute pilot episode: 'Be Good Johnny.'


"Thank you for sending your hilarious script. You certainly have a great ear for dialogue..." Sue Masters, Head of Drama, Ten Network, December, 2000.

"A good script... good premise, good characters, good jokes. We really like it..." Jo Bell, Script Editor, ABC-TV Comedy, April 2000.

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