More than the wallpaper...

Evie: How thrilling! My suppressed creativity concocting such a twisted fantasy. A morbid manifestation of my patriarchal oppression.

Harold: No, no. Just Harold Beaversworth from the suite next door.

About the Film


A woman finding freedom in a very strange place.


Evie: Beth McMullen

John: Rob Johnson

Sofia: Deirde Campbell

Harold Beaversworth: Simon Luckhurst

Writer: Damien Connor Higginbotham

Director: Archie Chew

Producer: Alicia Essaw-Mamutil

Notes on the Film

A short film made by AFTRS students.

Watch the Movie

The Dicky Wallpaper from Alicia Easaw-Mamutil on Vimeo.


Simon Luckhurst

Simon Luckhurst and Beth McMullen

Simon Luckhurst and Beth McMullen

Simon Luckhurst