Just before the afternoon matinee...

EXECUTIONER: You're the only one who understands how difficult it's become.

LINA: Couldn't you wear one of last season's robes?

EXECUTIONER: Not the robes. I mean the growing awareness I have that human lives are inherently valuable. The expanding sense I feel that my whole existence, and that of my race, rests on the completely erroneous assumption that by removing the live, pumping hearts of young female virgins our crops will grow better.

About the Film


What happens when a surgery-challenged executioner meets a high priest with a casting couch?


Cast: Jennifer Yeomans, Michael Cinquitti, Hugh Devaney, Tug Dumbly, Zoe Emmanuel, Katie Wilmott, Aimee Moffat, Sara Browne, Rowena Doyle, Bel Macedone, Sean Pardy and Patrick Verrell

Production company: Left of Centaur Productions

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst


I think I raised about $900 from a subscription appeal and I spent another $500 on stuff.

Notes on the Film

I'm not sure exactly where the idea for an Aztec period film came from. It doesn't sound like the usual sort of thing I think of.

Shooting a period piece meant I had to come to terms with something new in the world of my film making - a budget. Or more accurately, raising a budget. I chose the subscriber method and posted actual letters (this was in the days before email, so in a way maybe I invented crowd funding?) to all my friends asking for small contributions. I'm pleased to say that not only did most of them remain my friends, but many also gave generously.

I shot above the Beetroot Brothers fruit and vegetable warehouse, which was then in Redfern. I built the set out of carboard remnants and old theatre flats. Relativity Studios once again provided post production facilities. Look out for a cameo by Sara Browne, who had recently starred in Occasional Coarse Language.

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Michael Cinquitti, Tug Dumbly and Hugh Devaney

Michael Cinquitti

The two faces of Belinda Macedone

Method acting, Bel?

Sara Browne

Aimee Moffat

Katie Wilmott

Rowena Doyle

Jennifer Yeomans

Jennifer Yeomans

Zoe Emmanuel and Tug Dumbly

Sara Browne, Hugh Devaney, Rowena Doyle, Katie Wilmott and Aimee Moffat

Michael Cinquetti, Tug Dumbly and Hugh Devaney

Jennifer Yeomans, Hugh Devaney and Michael Cinquetti

Jennifer Yeomans

Zoe Emmanuel, Michael Cinquetti and Hugh Devaney