All she wanted was her father's respect...

MAX: None of youse ever stand up for your bloody selves. Drive a man insane.

Annie is comforting a confused Bernice.

MAX: Ah, she won't bloody remember it. She never remembers anything. Get us a beer.

Annie goes to get him a beer, but Max turns to Sandy.

MAX: (To Sandy) I meant you. Get us a beer, Sandy. (To Annie) She's growing up, Annie.

About the Film


12 year old Sandy lives at home with her mother, developmentally disabled sister and abusive father. When she starts to earn money by busking, her father is suddenly more interested in her.


Sandy: Bernie McCade

Bernice: Myfanwy Wild

Max: Tim Allen

Annie: Juliet Scrine

Written, produced and directed by Simon Luckhurst

Sound recording: Samantha Coles

Clapper snapper: Zoe Luckhurst-Lane


We recorded on an iPhone 4, just for something different. Audio was recorded seperately, and we slated using an iPad app which was very cool. I spent about $50 on food and props.


Music is by Emma Louise.

Notes on the Film

Once again, I had a whole other film in mind to make this year which Keean is going to direct, however after Rob Laurie composed some great music for it we decided we didn't want to be limited to seven minutes. Check out Murder Road. We really need to get it together and make this one day.

As mentioned above, we shot Daddy's Girl on an iPhone 4. Keean was going to shoot it but became ill, however as it was his phone, I like to think he's there in spirit somewhere...

As I'd been working on the other film, I hadn't had time to devote much thought to casting Daddy's Girl. I first thought of Tim after his great work in Christmas Bonus, and he was able to take his role in Daddy's Girl to a very dark and sinister place - very far from the jovial, happy Tim he normally is. I'd wanted to work with Juliet for some time so it was great she was available. I had someone else in mind for Bernice. Playing a developmentally disadvantaged person is a tremendous challenge, and when the other person decided it wasn't for them, I ran into Myfanwy at a party at her mum's. She was brilliant - she is a natural and I hope to work with her again. Bernie I also ran into not long before we shot. She loves drama and also took to being front of the camera, or in this case the phone, with a degree of ease which was very impressive.


Paddy Lane, Keean Murrell Snape, Tom McCade, Reuben Lawrence-Lane, Jarrah Stubbles.

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Bernie McCade.

Myfanwy Wild.

Juliet Scrine.

Bernie McCade.

Myfanwy Wild and Juliet Scrine.

Tim Allen.